A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Join us today!


Join us! No previous experience necessary...

Feeling  good!And if you're a bit stiff- that's okay! You will find easier and more pleasurable ways to move! This will greatly improve the quality of your daily life.

Please don't be concerned - our Yoga room is just warm, and never overheated.

We know it can be a little intimidating to begin your journey into Yoga, so we are available to answer any questions you may have. Call us +66 85 889 1580 (Eng.) or +66 84 304 9500 (ไทย).

What our Students say:

> Quality of teaching is excellent. I highly recommend for all levels of students. You are given alternative postures depending upon your ability...

> Better than Bikram! This is a great studio with the best teachers. Tomasz is a world class teacher!

> No matter how I feel in the morning, if I can make it to Hot Yoga Evolution, I always feel so much better.

> One of the highlights of my trip is taking classes at Tomasz's yoga studio!

> They do a brilliant job of including all ages and levels of participants - their enthusiasm is infectious.

Hot Yoga Evolution Studio Phuket

Hot Yoga Evolution

In our style of Yoga, without the overheated rooms and attitudes, the Students are given plenty of space and time to improve their practice. We always guide our Students with kindness and encouragement.

3 Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not flexible? This is the most common misconception which prevents many people from starting Yoga. If your body is stiff, please join us anyway. We will help you discover new ways of relieving the stiffness of the body. The new "freedom" of the increased, pain-free range of movement will empower every area of your daily life =)

What if I'm not sure about the heat? Hey, it will not be too hot! We believe that heating the room up excessively is not appropriate for the general public. The warm room is there only to enhance the quality of the Hatha Yoga experience.

Is there a beginner's class? You can come to any class on the schedule. All classes are Beginner-friendly. Please arrive 15 minutes early on your first time! Let your instructor know of any health issues, concerns and / or pregnancy. Wait until your 2nd time before you attend the Hot Flow (Thursday mornings).

More info for Beginners

Watch this Hot Yoga Tutorial: Standing Bow


The Hot Yoga Evolution has been created as an answer to the urgent need of our times: the people want to ease the stiffness of the body, be empowered to follow their heart and use their mind toward fulfillment of the full human potential. We are dedicated to helping people activate that potential in this lifetime. Behind the business structure of our work lies our Company's and our true purpose: the union with the divine.


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'To be transformed, the whole basis of your thoughts must change. But your thoughts cannot change unless you have NEW IDEAS, for you think from your ideas.' ~Neville Goddard

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