Tomasz Goetel, owner / teacher

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Yoga Evolution Studio in Phuket, Thailand

We are a Warm Yoga studio with lots of experience and a good reputation. =)
We specialize in doing Yoga with Beginners.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - join us today!

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    ***** The best Yoga in Phuket since 2006!
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    You will heal and strengthen your body...
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    Get in shape!
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    You will feel more joy in your heart!
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    Peace and clarity in your mind...
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    Registered with the Yoga Alliance (Yoga Expert Academy Phuket)
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    And, by the way, Phuket is a gorgeous place to visit all-year-round!


OCT 6-31, 2014 | BEIJING, CHINA: Tomasz is teaching YIHE42 Hot Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Alliance RYS 200 hours, Level I. Details

NOV 20-23, 2014 | SINGAPORE: Tomasz teaches at Yoga Movement | Website

DEC 8-14, 2014 | PHUKET, THAILAND: Tomasz teaches The Path to Excellence: 'Practice Teaching', Yoga Alliance 40 hours CET | Website

Please note: all 2015 events with Tomasz are listed here.

and more!

From Casino Gangsters to Yoga Students

Phuket bikinis and martinis magazine

Woo-hoo! Tomasz's writing is published in Phuket's 'Bikinis & Martinis' latest issue...
There's a free copy online (page 34) here.